Dashboard Week Day 5 - Boy Bands

by Andy Kriebel

Back when DS11 was in training, they loved this project for Friday. And since DS22 has had a tough week, I wanted to give them something fun.

The internet boy bands database can be found here. The data is available on github here. There are two files to download and join: bands.csv and boys.csv.

They should read the github page if they want to understand the data more quickly.


  1. Download both data sets.
  2. If data prep is required, they can use either Alteryx or Tableau Prep.
  3. They are more than welcome to supplement it with additional data.
  4. They can use any data visualization tool of their choice.
  5. Blog about their project.
  6. Before 3pm, they must have their dashboards uploaded to Tableau Public or the Power BI gallery.

Have fun for your last day team! You've done amazingly well do far.


Andy Kriebel

Wed 03 Aug 2022

Mon 11 Jul 2022

Thu 30 Jun 2022