Dashboard Week Day 1 - UK Street Crimes

by Andy Kriebel

It's DS24's last week of training and starting with their cohort, we decided to move dashboard week to be the last week of their training. DS24 has had very little Alteryx in their client projects, therefore we'll see them doing a lot of data prep.

Dashboard Week Rules

  • Each day you will be given a new data set to create a dashboard from.
  • You must work individually on the data prep and dashboard. Alteryx or Prep must be used for the data prep and Tableau for the visualisations.
  • Each afternoon, you will present your work. 10 minutes max per person.
  • Each day you must write a short blog post about the project.
  • Dashboards MUST be uploaded to and presented from Tableau Public.
  • Workflows, dashboards and blog posts MUST all be complete by 3pm Mon-Thurs and by 1pm Friday.
  • You must leave your laptop at the office at the end of each day.

Day 1 - UK Street Crimes

Data Source: UK Street Crimes


  • Must use the API.
  • Build an Alteryx App that allows the user to pick a date range and category then it should render a Tableau KPI dashboard automatically

That's it! See you at 3pm.