Dashboard Week Day 3 - Risk Factors for Non-Communicable Diseases

by Andy Kriebel

With yesterday's very nice work by the team focusing on accessibility, today we're going back to data prep and dashboarding. The rules are the same as always:

Today's topic is risk factors for non-communicable diseases. The data comes from NCD RisC.


  1. Pick one of the data sets from the downloads page. There are six topics, there are seven of them, so only one data set may overlaps. They need to work this out amongst themselves.
  2. Download the data for all countries available by using the "Individual country data" button on each page. The country name is in the URL structure. The data MUST be downloaded using Alteryx. The data may NOT be manually downloaded for each country.
  3. Use Tableau to analyze and visualize the data. I'm looking for better work today.
  4. Write a blog post (some of the team need to do better here)
  5. Present at 3:30pm

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