DS25: Dashboard Week Day 2 - Vegetables

by Andy Kriebel

This is a bit of an abbreviated dashboard week for DS25. They needed a refresher on Tableau Prep (which will come in handy today, then they learned about designing for accessibility Tuesday, followed by a project based on what they learned Wednesday.

As mentioned, Tableau Prep will be used today. In fact, it's required. Today's topic is the Most Commonly Consumed Vegetables by Americans. The link provides a super simple overview, but I wanted much more out of them today. The data can be downloaded from the USDA.


  1. A sketch of what they plan to create. I want to see this BEFORE they begin the data prep. They may preview one of the files, but that's all. They need to send me their sketch.
  2. Once that is done, the data prep can only be done using Tableau Prep.
  3. Following that, they can build their visualization in Tableau. It must be a KPPI style dashboard with filtering capabilities.
  4. A blog post capturing their design, workflows, decisions, challenges, and final output.

Presentations at 3pm. Good luck team!


Andy Kriebel

Wed 26 Jan 2022

Mon 24 Jan 2022

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