Dashboard Week Day 5 - Multi-Device Design

by Andy Kriebel

One of the things that we’ve observed over the years is that we don’t focus enough on mobile design, especially multi-device design. Let's address this on the last day of Dashboard Week for DS36.

The team will split out the dashboard audiences into two:

  1. C-Level
  2. Analyst level

Half of them will create C-level dashboards and half will create analyst level dashboards. They will need to create two views in the workbook, one for Desktop and one for Phone. They need to be able to demonstrate how it looks on desktop and on a mobile phone.

Remember what you learned on day 2: for a KPI dashboard to be effective, each metric should have context and the ability to take action from the number. You need to be able to answer "So what?".

They MUST sketch their work before doing any data prep and share that with Coach Jenny before moving on. She needs to be happy with your direction first.

The data they need to use comes from Kaggle and is a collection of 300,000+ kickstarter projects.


  1. Data prep can be done (if required) in either Alteryx or Tableau.
  2. Publish the workbook to Tableau Public.
  3. Write a blog post, etc.

Have fun!!