Dashboard Week Day 3: Create Your Own Company

by Andy Kriebel

Simple instructions for day 3:

  1. Create a company that you'd love to build. Describe it.
  2. Build your own data set using ChatGPT. Get ChatGPT to create a Python you can run to create a data set of at least 25,000 records.
  3. Create a KPI dashboard using Power BI that would be absolutely critical to running your business.

Data MUST include:

  1. Time series
  2. At least 3 dimensions; e.g., products, suppliers, etc.
  3. Geographical data
  4. At least 4 measures (at least one must be a target for comparisons); e.g., sales, profit, targets, etc.
  5. Demographic data about customers (so there must be customers in the data set)
  6. Comparisons and context for every chart and/or number
  7. Anything else they wish to include in their dataset