Start/Stop/Continue - How we evolve the Data School curriculum

by Andy Kriebel

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As we approach the graduation of another amazing cohort of the Data School, we looked back today on their training and what we can do to improve. The beauty of the Data School is that each and every cohort wants the next cohort to have a better experience than them. Today, we did a quick retrospective that I thought I’d share with you all. What you’ll notice is that there aren’t any major areas to change, rather tweaks to improve bit by bit.



  • More regular Server recaps
  • Alteryx Server – What is it? Using it more in projects.
  • Alteryx Gallery – What is it? How can we leverage it?
  • More structured Tableau training to ensure we get through all of the material sooner
  • Current DS team building (e.g., Escape Room)
  • Desktop I and II in week 1 then come back to deep dive
  • Assign project leads instead of volunteers
  • Schedule demos sooner
  • Schedule Tableau exams in first month
  • More special guests at the beginning
  • Makeover Monday EVERY week
  • Workout Wednesday EVERY week
  • Shadowing days earlier
  • Happier data sets for Dashboard Week + go back one Tableau version each day
  • Teaching Week should be with more advanced content
  • Add Community Week back into the curriculum
  • Having supervision every week for answering questions in the room
  • Do something with the seat tracking data
  • Install beer tracker with badges and barcode scanner
  • Update Carl’s exam prep workbook
  • Invite other DSers for teaching (Philip for REGEX, Benedetta for Predictive, Ben Moss for Spatial)


  • Clustering projects together; ensure there are training weeks between client projects
  • Project on the last week of training
  • Pod choices at parties; This idea totally backfired on me!
  • 8 client projects; cut back to 6


  • Server knowledge early
  • Tableau/Alteryx/Server cadence of classes
  • Desktop III
  • All Charts Possible
  • Variety of Alteryx teachers
  • Mid-week client check-ins
  • Intro to Scrum (but include homework before)
  • Sticky notes on the window
  • Project Lead writing down actions
  • Exam prep

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