Dashboard Week Recap - Data Prep, Vizzes and Lots of Learning

by Andy Kriebel

What a week and what an amazing job by DS6! They not only had to tackle a new project every day, they also had to write blogs (some are still working on them) and present each day. There are way too many vizzes to highlight, so instead, here are their presentations from each day.


Day 1 – NBA

For day 1, the team were each given a separate question to answer about the NBA. From Kobe vs Jordan to KPIs for coaches, the team had to find the data, prep it in Alteryx and present it in Tableau.



Day 2 – Beer & Wine

I thought I had great data and APIs for the team use for day 2. Turns out the APIs were crap. The team didn’t get frazzled though. They found a way and made it work.


Day 3 – Public Transport Around the World

Each team member was assigned a different city. The task was to visualise ridership data after somehow gathering the data from the transportation websites.



Day 4 – USDA Food Composition

Have you ever wondered what American foods are made of? It’s actually kinda gross! The task for the team for day 4 was to get the contents of foods from the USDA website and visualise it in Tableau.



Day 5 – Climate Change

I promised the team no data prep for Friday’s project. Instead, I gave them 176 million rows of daily temperature readings from weather stations around the world. What stories did they find? Watch to find out.