Dashboard Week: Day 4 - What are the foods Americans eat composed of?

by Andy Kriebel

It turns out I may have made day 3 a bit too difficult. When I left the office at 6pm, many were still working in Alteryx and hadn’t yet started in Tableau. Yet somehow this morning, they smashed their presentations. I knew they could do it!

For day 4, the team is tasked with understanding what American foods are comprised of. The data is all available via the USDA website.

For their designated food, they will need to download the components of every food that comes up in the search results and create a viz. Seems pretty simple, right? We’ll see.

Here are the foods:

  1. Broccoli (Aj)
  2. Hot dogs (William)
  3. Waffles (Alex)
  4. Gelato (Elena)
  5. Pizza (Lee)
  6. Mac & Cheese (Jamie)
  7. Burritos (Mina)
  8. Soda (Marcus)

Until tomorrow…