How often did DS8 sit in their favorite seat?

by Andy Kriebel

At the start of every Data School cohort I ask volunteer someone to track where everyone sits each day. Jevon was in charge and today is his last day. Apparently he’s going to Bali, therefore he’s missing graduation and The Andy’s, so I’ve told him he can’t graduate (really I’m just jealous he’s going to Bali). To help him enjoy his last few hours, he provided us with the data and two hours to analyze the data and create a viz.

I kept it simple:

  • Trellis layout of each DSer ordered by the max time they spent in their favorite seat
  • Donut charts because I love donuts
  • Viz in tooltip to provide additional context
  • Official Data School colors

It’s been great having Jevon at the DS and I wish him best in his first placement at Solar Turbine’s in sunny San Diego. Click on the image for the interactive version.