DS9: Dashboard Week Day 1 - Prudential Ride London

by Andy Kriebel

My favorite week of every DS is back…Dashboard Week! Here’s the general concept:

  1. Each morning the team is given a project.
  2. They must prepare the data, create a dashboard and publish a blog post.
  3. The following morning they have to present their work from the previous day.
  4. Begin again, but with less time.

On Friday, they only have from the end of the morning presentations until 1pm, since that’s when weekly presentations now start. Friday, they will present their work from Friday plus their favorite from earlier in the week. In total this means 40 workflows, 40 dashboard and 40 blog posts. Keep up with it all on the Data School blog.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


DAY 1 PROJECT: Prudential Ride London

This race, which started after the success of the 2012 London Olympic Summer Games, is a closed-road 100 mile cycling event that starts at Queen Elizabeth Park in east London, traipses along the Thames before cutting through Richmond Park (my favorite park), Kingston-upon-Thames (my former home), down to the Surrey countryside before looping back to London by going under Admiralty Arch before a finishing on The Mall.

It’s quite a spectacle and this year it rained almost the entire time. I had put in for the ballot and fortunately I didn’t get in as I failed to realize I had already committed to run a marathon on Fort William, Scotland.

For dashboard week day 1, the team has to gather all of the data about riders in the 100-mile event from the results website (all 1105 pages worth), create a viz in Tableau and blog about their work. Tomorrow morning, they’ll present their work before getting their next assignment.

Wish them luck!


Andy Kriebel

Mon 20 Jun 2022

Mon 20 Jun 2022

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