DS9: Dashboard Week Day 4 - Major League Baseball Game Archives

by Andy Kriebel

If there’s one thing baseball is known for, it’s stats. So many sports now have advanced statistics, and this is all thanks to baseball. Today, the team will need to prepare and visualize 147 years of Major League Baseball results. Why baseball? Because I love it! I played at my university and have always loved keeping score during games and compiling the stats on my own.

The data source they will use today comes from Retrosheet. In MLB, teams play 162 games per season (they used to play 154) and there are currently 30 teams. That’s 4860 games per season now. Assuming there is an average of 20 teams per season over the 147 seasons, that’ll be about 500,000 games to analyze.


My son Henry (2015)


Oh, and this is a data set I’ve been wanting to prepare on my own for a while now (I saw a viz that inspired the idea), but why should I prep it myself when I can get the DS to do it for me? The benefits of being the boss. 🤡

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