Makeover Monday: How many women work 40+ hours per week in the US and Europe?

by Andy Kriebel

It’s day 3 for cohort 3 at the Data School.  The first two days we had an inspiring talk from James Eiloart and learned the basics of data visualisation. Day 3 was supposed to be their intro to Tableau, but I had some family things come up. So what does a good coach do? He asks the students to teach themselves.  Well, it’s more like I volunteered Nisa to teach.

You see, Nisa has been incredibly active with Makeover Monday. So I asked her teach them about Makeover Monday and lead them through the exercise. I walked in at 11:15am and it was really, really quiet. Everyone was heads down, working their tails off, and the results were brilliant! They’ll all be posting their work, so keep an eye on this blog and Twitter.

Like any good team, they’ll challenge their coach too. Nisa asked if I was going to do a second makeover, so here it is. I borrowed (or maybe it’s stole) the viz Andy Cotgreave created, but I like it rotated 90 degrees. Normally I wouldn’t have a time series go from top to bottom, but I like how this turned out. And that’s what Makeover Monday does, it gives us a platform to experiment.

Click on the viz for the interactive version.

Women working 40+ hours per week



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