Dashboard Week Day 3: City of New Orleans 311 Calls

by Andy Kriebel

For day 3, the team will need to visualize the data from the City of New Orleans about 311 calls. What does this mean?

“NOLA 311 is New Orleans’ primary source of local government information and non-emergency services. Whether you are a local resident, visitor, or business, NOLA 311 will provide a prompt, courteous and professional customer service experience.” ~ City of New Orleans

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

Let’s have a look at the requirements.

  1. The data come from the City of New Orleans Open Data Portal (here). They MUST use the API to get the data. They need to get all data for all years. This should be a simple task.
  2. They must use Power BI. 😇
  3. They are not permitted to use Tableau at all.
  4. If data prep is required, they can use either Alteryx or Tableau Prep.
  5. They are more than welcome to supplement it with additional data.
  6. Before 5pm, they must have their workflows complete, dashboards uploaded to the Power BI gallery, and blog posts written.

It’s important for them to be able to speak about both Power BI and Tableau as they head into their placements as surely they’ll be asked. This exercise will help them along the way.


Andy Kriebel

Mon 20 Jun 2022

Mon 20 Jun 2022

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