We're Accepting Applications for the Next Generations of Tableau and Alteryx Jedis

by Andy Kriebel

First intake

It’s that time again. We’re starting the search for the next set of data junkies to join us at the Data School. The current team will be completing their training at the end of October, so we’ve begun the search for the best, most enthusiastic talent to join us beginning December 1, 2015. Applications will be taken from now until Friday 25th September 2015. Any submissions after 25th September 2015 will NOT be considered for this intake.

As part of your development as a consultant with us, you can expect at least four months classroom training with a small group of trainees at our beautiful dedicated Central London facility followed by three industry placements of six months, during which time you will be provided support and mentoring from the coaches and other experienced team members, every step of the way. At the end of your two year placement therefore, the data world will be your oyster.

All those successful in their application, will be offered a two year fixed term contract within The Information Lab with a starting salary of £30,000 per annum, rising over the training contract period. We therefore can only accept applicants for this role who have a right to work in the UK.

Lot of your questions are anwswered in the FAQ section of the home page (scroll down and you’ll see it). To sign up for more information, fill out this form.

Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones that gets to learn from the best and put yourself ahead of the pack.

Here are more details on the application process:

Stage 1: Create some content in Tableau public and send us links to this content (more information on how to get started with this below) – the sooner the better.  Please send completed content to us by emailing dataschool@theinformationlab.co.uk.

Stage 2: Those that have created interesting content which we feel demonstrates a passion for the field of data visualisation will be invited to interviews after we receive your content. The first round of interviews will take place between the 1st and 15th October, with a subsequent (and final) round of interviews on 26th October.

To get started with creation of content in Tableau public, here’s a few steps you should follow:

Step 1: Create a data visualisation using Tableau Public, and publish it to the web so that we can see your work.

Tableau Public can be downloaded from here: https://public.tableau.com/s/

You can get an idea on how to get started with Tableau Public from these videos: https://public.tableau.com/s/resources

Step 2: Your work can be on any subject you like – be as expressive and creative as you can!

You can use open source data from Wikipedia, data.gov.uk, your favourite sports team’s website, or any source at all!

If you’re looking for more data sources, you can also download some samples here: https://public.tableau.com/s/resources?qt-overview_resources=1#qt-overview_resources

Step 3: Look at the kind of work that has already been published to Tableau Public to get an idea of what we’d like to see.

The Public Gallery is a good place to start for this: http://public.tableau.com/s/gallery. Or have a look at what the first intake created for their applications here. This post also gives you a huge hint as to what we’re looking for.

If you want to seriously impress us then take a look at some of the profiles of the featured authors here: http://public.tableau.com/s/authors

If you feel you want to reach out to us for help, please feel free to email me. Seriously, don’t be afraid to ask for help, advice, hints, etc. It never hurts to ask.

We’re really looking forward to seeing the outcomes of this process – best of luck to you all.


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