Dashboard Week Day 5 : The end of a fantastic week

by Angelos Pachis

Last day into our Dashboard week and I cannot be happier. Today we were tasked to analyse data from Gapminder, a platform making people aware of global facts. We had to pick from the below five indicators :

  • Babies per Woman
  • CO2 emissions
  • Child mortality
  • Income
  • Life Expectancy

Requirements said that we should also combine these data and do that in 3 hours. I began by exploring the correlation between CO2 emission and children mortality rates. Found a publication from Stanford University. Read it, visualised the data and unfortunately I didn’t reach the same conclusion or at least that wasn’t apparent.

I then decided to go for a simpler approach. I decided to look at CO2 emissions per capita between the three most technologically advanced continents. That is North America, Europe and the top 5 of the largest countries in Asia (China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan). I also supplemented my analysis with population data to get the CO2 emission per “continent”.

I tried to play with colours a bit and also tried to refrain from using a map. All four of my dashboards this week featured a map. I didn’t have the time to finish everything, but generally I am happy with the result. It’s slightly different to what I’ve created so far. Excuse the big blank space at the bottom left, you can get the info from the annotations.



Angelos Pachis

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