Dashboard Week Day 5 : The end of a fantastic week

by Angelos Pachis

Last day into our Dashboard week and I cannot be happier. Today we were tasked to analyse data from Gapminder, a platform making people aware of global facts. We had to pick from the below five indicators :

  • Babies per Woman
  • CO2 emissions
  • Child mortality
  • Income
  • Life Expectancy

Requirements said that we should also combine these data and do that in 3 hours. I began by exploring the correlation between CO2 emission and children mortality rates. Found a publication from Stanford University. Read it, visualised the data and unfortunately I didn’t reach the same conclusion or at least that wasn’t apparent.

I then decided to go for a simpler approach. I decided to look at CO2 emissions per capita between the three most technologically advanced continents. That is North America, Europe and the top 5 of the largest countries in Asia (China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan). I also supplemented my analysis with population data to get the CO2 emission per “continent”.

I tried to play with colours a bit and also tried to refrain from using a map. All four of my dashboards this week featured a map. I didn’t have the time to finish everything, but generally I am happy with the result. It’s slightly different to what I’ve created so far. Excuse the big blank space at the bottom left, you can get the info from the annotations.


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