Board Games: How Does Price Affect Ranking?

by Conrad Wilson

Teaming Up

After a day of set up, introductions and ping pong we spent day two of the data school getting to grips with Alteryx. We were split into pairs for the day, Kirsty and I came together to form team Teal.

Team Teal- Look how good those backpacks look!

Clean-Up with Alteryx

We used Alteryx to tidy up, dirty data sources focusing on converting our data to be tall and thin, lots of long columns. Due to Gheorghie and Nick’s love of board games we focused on cleaning up a data source from board game geek which ranked the best board games of all time  ( This was a tricky process but the levels of frustration never came close to the lofty heights seen in a game of monopoly.  Eventually we had successfully cleaned our data and exported it to Tableau for visualisation.


Kirsty and I were tasked with visualising the comparison between the RRP and ranking, all in less than two hours. We individually produced Tableau dashboards and in my case quite a primitive one. There was no real correlation between price and ranking, even if the best board game of all time, Gloomhaven, cost £173.

I was hampered by the time limit and couldn’t produce something amazing. However, that’s why I am here and I’m looking forward to developing throughout the Dataschool!

See my Viz here:








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