Dashboard Week Day 5- Flew too Close To The Sun Looking At Meteorites

by Conrad Wilson

Meteorite Data

Andy tasked us with downloading data from NASA which was relatively straight forward. See my final visualisation here

Trying To Make a 3D Globe

I then went a long, long way down a rabbit hole following Luke Stanke’s blog on creating 3D globes in Tableau. I got my points onto a globe using some amazing calculations from Luke, see below. The user can rotate the view with parameter toggles. However I had issues putting the country outlines onto the globe to provide context to the points.  After two hours I moved on and made a dashboard.

Points visualised on a sphere.

Adding Features from 2018.3

I then moved on to making a heat map and eventually created set actions to show percent of totals of user selections. This is shown in my final dashboard. See below.

Final Dashboard