The power of Ctrl - zoom in calculation window

by David Sánchez

Zoom in into the calculation window:

You know how you zoom in and out in Chrome when you press Ctrl while scrolling with your mouse’s wheel?
Guess what happens in Tableau. Actually, several things may happen:

  • Nothing.
  • You zoom in/out of your chart, map, graph. Not too exciting…
  • Or, MAGiC, you zoom in just inside the calculation box! Fantastic when showing other people what you are typing/what’s inside your calculation. The beauty of this is that it happens almost anywhere you have a window where to type a calculation (in the set or filter condition by formula or top N by formula). Thanks to Pablo for sharing! I had seen it used before, but thought it was some additional program/setting, not something built-in into Tableau.

MAGiC in the calculation window:

MAGiC in the set-by window:

MAGiC in the filter-by window:

Not too excited zoom in/out of the chart:

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