Tableau for everyone

by David Sánchez
Tres Columnas - Ciudad Rodrigo

Las Tres Columnas – Symbol of the City

My father is half-way into his second year of retirement and has started a project (a book!) to document some of the more relevant points of interest of Ciudad Rodrigo, a celtic-then-roman village (and his hometown). It’s probably more known abroad as the city where the Viscount Wellington first became Duke (holding the Dukedom of Ciudad Rodrigo before he was made Duke of Wellington―something I only learned once I came to the UK).

These holidays, when he was showing me his progress, I suggested he could build an itinerary with stops, pictures and some information to have online ―on top of the book. He said: “Nice idea, but how can I do it?

What? With Tableau, of course”.

So, I started to show him how you can use google maps to obtain waypoints, how you can create shapefiles and use them in Tableau. Add some shapes, tooltips, and filters and… It’s still in the very nascent stage (he has more than 30 chapters already, and this was just the sketch for one of them), but…(warning, Spanish language ahead)

It was a fun bonding experience and I think there may be a new Tableau Public user in the wild. The only thing it took was to show how it was relevant and useful for him.


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