Only one view in my fullpdf tabcmd! Why?

by David Sánchez

You run tabcmd export myWorkbook/myView –fullpdf expecting to get a pdf with all the views from your Tableau Server; however, the fullpdf you just downloaded has only the myView in it. Why?
The most likely reason is the small print in the Tableau help:

To export a workbook, it must have been published with Show Sheets as Tabs selected in the Tableau Desktop Publish dialog box.


  1. Use Tableau Desktop to republish it, but make sure that the Show sheets as tabs is selected. If this problem is something that affects different workbooks, this can be tedious.
  2. Download the workbook and republish it using tabcmd, but now with the –tabbed option selected. Easily automated for different workbooks.
    • Download: tabcmd get /workbooks/myWorkbook.twbx
    • Publish: tabcmd publish myWorkbook -r myProject --tabbed 
    • Export to PDF: tabcmd export myWorkbook/myView --fullpdf
    • Done!