Reflections on the first month in DS

by Elena Caric

It’s been one month after I joined The Data School sixth cohort in our Tableau and Alteryx journey. At this point I wanted to reflect on my experiences in The School and see how they compare to the expectations in my first blog.
Now let’s see what I have written in my blog that I would like to address. A few small things will be pulled out as quotations in this blog but for anyone that would like to see the original, just follow this link:


“I stated that I expected to learn lots about Tableau and Alteryx as well as gain other soft skills like presenting, dashboard design and visualisation best practices.”

This is absolutely true, I learned a lot! For both Tableau and Alteryx I feel like I’ve really stepped up my game. However, there are many things to still cover as both software’s capabilities are huge. Considering the soft skills, the same conclusion applies. I’ve particularly had remarkable success with my dashboards. My speed of creating them increased and I’ve moved on from only floating things to tiling. Also, I’m getting more creative with the design which is lots of fun for me.

“My main goal for the Data School is to get into the habit of taking ownership of my own learning process. It will serve me well beyond the classroom.”

Ok this time management goal is hard to evaluate. The learning curve is very steep and there is so much material that we’ve covered that I want to go through again in my spear time. To be honest, to go through everything properly the way I would like, the day will need to have additional 12 hours. That being said, I’m happy so far with what I am able to cover in my spare time and how I do my prioritisation.

The client projects are an interesting and intense exercise. Each client project lasts for a week and the real challenge with it is that the client companies have rather high expectations that are challenging to fulfil because we have been in training for only a few weeks. Amazingly so far DS6 team has fulfilled and even toped up on expectations.

All in all, at the first month mark all I can say is that it’s been a fun ride. A lot of things learned and even more things to cover in the future. The team is going strong and I’m happy to be a part of it.


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