Friday Tip - Tableau

by Elnisa Marques

Ways to connect Tableau to Data Source

When starting with Tableau Desktop the first step is to connect to the data we want to explore.

There are two ways through which we can quickly connect Tableau to the data present in our local directory or network.

Method 1: Just drag a data file onto the Tableau icon and Tableau will automatically open the file. Drop a Microsoft Excel file or text file on the icon and Tableau will bring up the standard data import window.

Method 2: Simply Copy the data from the excel File, as an example, and paste on the Tableau interface. Sometimes we do need to do few adjustments in the Data Pane (change data type) to get the correct dimension or measure.


Is it possible to replace one measure by another across all the workbook?

The answer is yes, with just a few clicks.

How to do it?

  1. Go to the measure panereplace references
  2. Right click on the field of the measure you want to replace, from the dropdown menu select Replace References and then choose the new measure

rep ref 2