‘Information Dashboard Design: The Effective Visual Communication of Data’ by Stephen Few – Book Review

by Elnisa Marques

Beautifully presented and illustrated, Few writes with a casual tone in an easy-to-read style, without overwhelming the reader with information. The intelligent use of illustrations and well planned chapters guides us through a collection of best practices, presenting what will and will not work while designing a dashboard.

The author discusses the focal points in relation to information presentation while taking into consideration the works of human perception, striving towards a swift, simple and efficient demonstration of key facts.

The classification of dashboards by role, as well as, the enumeration and explanation of the 13 common mistakes in dashboard design constitutes a prime resource of reference for anyone as myself that has just started their journey in data visualization. The design principles identified are not hard to grasp, and the theory and rationale for them is very well argued and presented.

A must for anyone who is about to design a dashboard and a good starting point.