First week started, first impressions

by Gauthier Bonnot

Here I am sitting among my co-data schoolers writing the first article of what will likely be a long series. Since I had been told I was accepted in DS8 a month ago, I was really looking forward to meet the people who I was going to spend four months of my life with. Coming from a non technical background with degrees in business and advertising, I was somewhat worried I might be surrounded by coding ninjas and statistic geniuses. After having finally started DS8, I think everyone is indeed a genius in his own ways, but most importantly, we form a very diverse group of people sharing the same passion and curiosity for data. I think we will all be able to learn a lot from each other during these four months and probably beyond that.

I was also curious to experience sitting in the same room all day long. Although it does sometimes feel a bit small, I think it is quite efficient in making people quickly feel comfortable and break the ice. Mostly we have access to the entire co-working space so it is also possible to take a break from the classroom and get to meet other interesting and enthusiastic people from the Information Lab and other companies around.

Since day 1, I have been amazed at how welcoming everyone is. Tom and Andy quickly made us feel like we became part of a family, constantly cheering and encouraging each other. This has really motivated me in giving my best and trying to be as helpful as possible to others, in spite of all the new information being thrown at us and the challenges lying ahead.





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