Dashboard Week Day 2 - Romantic partner preferences

by George Walker

Day 2 of dashboard week beckons, after a challenging start yesterday I’m on more familiar ground here.

The dataset for today was from YouGov about romantic preferences around the world and we were tasked by Andy to use story points for our Viz.

Compared to yesterday the dataset was very straightforward, the challenging part of the dataprep was that it was only available in PDF. However a quick google search found a PDF converter, after some tidying up in Excel (GASP!) the data was ready to drop into Alteryx to clean and pivot. 

As well as using the data from YouGov I decided to allow the user to join in the fun, so I created a google form to let them enter their own preferences in a partner which you can play with as well here. 

You can click through to the final viz below

I chose to do a quite light level of analysis – just looking at the differences in gender (see point 4) but I enjoyed adding a live updating chart on point 5 showing all the additional data I’ve gathered.

onto day 3

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