Dashboard Week Day 3 - Data School Blog Google Analytics

by George Walker

Day 3 of dashboard week and its Google Analytics and the Data School Blog

I’m not saying Andy is getting soft, but we had already started looking at this last week, so part of the data prep (getting a list of all blog posts on the site) had already been done. All that was left to so was use the native Tableau connector to connect to Google Analytics. The only slight difficulty was getting the GA extract to join to my other datasets, but this was solved by saving as a TWBX and unzipping the file to find the TDE.

I was looking at pageviews on the blog posts and without further ado here is the redacted version below (super sneaky).


The biggest challenge today was picking the right dimensions to look at within Google Analytics. There is a multitude of data there so I ended up looking at some quite basic stats on pageviews. I’d love to have a look at GA on alive project so I could explore some of the more interesting features google offers (marketing conversion etc)

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