Dashboard Week Day 4 - CHEESE

by George Walker

Ok, so I may have been a little hasty in saying Andy has gone soft, he gave us a tricky one today. The task for today – CHEESE

We were given a website –¬†https://cheese.com/ and told to scrape the data from it. This proved to be a little bit challenging. First we had to acquire a list of all the cheeses – which the first Alteryx macro below does handily

The Regex tool there does most of the heavy lifting extracting the cheese URLs from the webpage

Next we have to scrape the data for each cheese – more fiddling with Alteryx ensued

The XML parse is the important bit here, by finding all the tags with <p> we can find all the text content, and then I used a set of formulas to tidy everything up before throwing it into Tableau.

For my dashboard I decided to create a tool to help someone find their ideal cheese. After a day of heavy data prep this was relatively easy to construct from a large number of filters. I used a URL action within the dashboard to return an image of the website from Cheese.com

See you tomorrow for the final installment of dashboard week.