DS7 Tip Week - Adding a dot to highlight the end of a line chart

by George Walker

Line charts are a great tool to quickly see trends over time


However you might want to add a an add a coloured dot at the end of the line to display e.g the most recent profit ratio.

To create the dot you’ll need to create a calculated field. I’m using sales as my measure

If LAST()=0
THEN SUM([Sales])

This table calculation returns the sum of sales for the last mark on the window  Рyou can put this on the first mark by using FIRST()=0

If we add our new calculated measure to the rows field we’ll add it to the view, then selecting dual axis and synchronising we can add it to the end of our line chart

We can then drag the measure we are interested to onto colour on the marks card and increase the size to make our dot highlight

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