If I had to start all over again...

by Gwilym Lockwood

…I’d have done all kinds of things and not done all kinds of other things. I’d be popular and successful and happy and speak twelve languages and… wait, we’re only talking about the Data School? Oh.

I’m not sure I’d change anything, to be honest. It’d have been nice to get into data visualisation when I was an undergrad so I’d have got into this field earlier… but the Data School¬†didn’t even exist when I graduated, so it’s a bit of a moot point. In some ways I wish I’d done some other jobs for longer so I’d have a wider background of experiences to draw on, but my PhD was pretty good preparation for this kind of work anyway, both in terms of working with data and working with ideas. All I can think of for this “if I had to start all over again” blog are skills I’d like to be better at, which I don’t have to go back in time to address. Things like not being very good with image software like Photoshop, or even things like Pixlr; I’d love to create headers and background images like Rachel does, and I’m working on it now.

So, nah, there isn’t anything I’d really change. Only things I’d like to keep working on.


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