Introduction to Tableau Server

by Hafeez Sanusi

Server Structure

Last week we were learning about the purpose and functions of Tableau Server with Ravi who was a member of DS1. Yes, for those of you that have inundated yourself with Tableau Public and trials with Tableau Desktop…there are more products that Tableau offers.

Tableau Server can fundamentally be used as a company’s internal online hosting platform which can provide members with the option to store data sources, workbooks and views (worksheets) from Tableau Desktop. This can allow employees to efficiently access relevant and frequently updated information.

Within Tableau Server, there are sites and projects. Sites are like different email service providers (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail) and each site has its own users and content which is separate and can not be accessed by other sites. The content within a site can consist of workbooks, views and data sources that can be stored in different projects. Projects are like folders and are useful for organising related content, also you can store a project within a project. Permissions can be set by Server Administrators who can also enable other members to control different site and project permissions.  

Tableau Server Structure


If this is foreign to you; ill give an example.

I work for The Information Lab within The Data School and belong to the DS14 cohort. During my time at The Data School, I will be creating multiple workbooks. Within Tableau Server, this information can be arranged as:

Site – The Information Lab

Project- DS14

Based on the above example; I will be a part of a site that will consist of various employees within The Information Lab. This site and its content will be exclusive to employees of The Information Lab who have been provided access by the Server Administrator.

As I am a member of the DS14 Cohort the Server Administrator can provide me with the appropriate levels of permission to access that project. Once I have access to that project; I can store workbooks, views and data sources within it. This can be beneficial as it provides a central hub for myself and the rest of the DS14; allowing us to locate and access each other’s data sources, workbooks and views.

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