DS13 seating analysis

As we have finished our final presentations, there is one thing that’s left. The seating plan.

Throughout the training, we were tracking where everyone sat so that we could analyse it after four months. The data gathering might have been slightly inaccurate, especially when the day was busy and we simply forgot to put it down… Hopefully, our memory is working well and the data is close enough.

What I decided to do was to have a look at the probabilities of sitting in specific seats. In other words, what percentage of time spent in a particular room was spent sitting in one place?

To have an idea of the layout, there are two rooms at the Data School: blue room and green room. The blue room is closer to the door because blue always come before green. (Don’t believe me? Check it yourself in Tableau 😉 ). In the viz layout the entrance to the blue room is in the left bottom corner and in the right bottom corner for the green room. The very middle bottom part is where the teacher usually is.

With my interactive viz, try to answer some questions:

  • Who never sits right next to the door?
  • Who never sits next to the teacher?
  • Who has the highest preference within each room?

This is my very last blog post on the Data School blog, so thanks for reading!

Hanna Nykowska
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