DS23: My first week

by Harriet Owen

That's it complete - my first week of training done and dusted at The Data School. It was full of many zoom introductions (my cohort have had the unfortunate job of hearing where I come from 6 or so times...), data prep training covering the fundamentals of Alteryx, and my first 'Project Time' presentation.

For this weeks presentation we were tasked with the job of taking our application dataset and supplementing it with more data to provide some deeper analysis. This was to test what we had learnt on preparing data in Alteryx to then provide insight visually in Tableau. We were taught to tackle the preparation of a new dataset with the following steps:

1) Sketch: draw out what my end result table will look like, thinking about the granularity I need to set i.e. what level of categorical data am I working with and which values set this?
2) Plan: write out the order of steps needed in Alteryx to achieve my end result
3) Build the workflow in Alteryx

Beginning this task I felt a bit out of my comfort zone knowing I would have to present what I come up with. However, I look to be pushed out my comfort zone at least once a week in the hope I am continually growing and I can be sure already my time with The Data School is going to do this. Following the above steps, the presentation went well, and although the data prep I carried out wasn't very advanced the feedback I received was helpful. It was also really helpful seeing what the others in my cohort did/the feedback they received. I'm quickly getting to grips with the ethos that everyone can always learn from each other here.

With my first week being a success I very much look forward to starting Week 2...heading into the week with Data Viz 101.

Fri 18 Jun 2021

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