Dashboard Day 4 - Tableau Prep Builder and Tableau Web Editor

by James Fox

For day 4 of Dashboard Week we looked at Candies!

I used Tableau Prep to create three different outputs from the 4 years that the data is recorded from. The reason I did this is because in my original ideation I wanted to show data about gender, age, and the total aggregations of opinions on candies:

Then I used an online sketchpad to sketch out my initial ideas:

Resulting in this dashboard (designed in web editor only):

However, I wasn’t feeling the design or the story at this point, so I decided to refocus and deliver something more concise and asthetically pleasing:

This meant that unfortunately I wasted some time on prepping multiple data outputs, when I only needed one in my final iteration. It’s a good lesson to (re)learn, and something I need to reinforce in my personal workflow.

Overall, I found Web Editor difficult to use as it lacked alot of the functionality that Tableau desktop comes with – like changing the colour of your background!!!!!