Dashboard Week - Last Day

by James Fox

For the last day of dashboard week we were looking at data from: https://www.openpowerlifting.org/data

I wanted to first understand key questions that users may be asking to make my data relevant.

Then look at the interations I could go through to produce a dashboard:

From these I sketched a dashboard:

Drawing the actions of the dashboard helped me to undertand the logic behind what is affecting what.

I noted down a workflow structure to stay on track:

Each version allows me to delviver iterative versions of the dashboard so I will have something to present at different levels of functionality – and show be protected from unforseen and unavoidable issues.

The result:

Still not 100% finished as I still have to add filters and other text boxes, for for a few hours work its good!

I must admit I finished this 1 hour over time, so technically did not complete this within the alloted project period. I got caught up on calculations, and what I learnt was to ask for help sooner!

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