How to choose the start page for specific groups and users when they log in to Tableau Server

by James Fox
  1. Set as default page by: Navigating to the page you wish all users to sign into, then click on your initals in top right of server page, then click ‘Make this the start page for all users’.
    • Caveats – when user signs in, they will see workbooks they have access to – it does not load straight into dashboard. Only Admin can do this.

This sets the page for all users to start on.

2. However if you wish for different groups or departments within the business to start on different pages (or jump directly into a workbook) then you can simply copy the URL(s), and tell the users or groups to use that URL when they log in.

In order to prevent users or groups from accessing other users or group’s URLs, you need to ensure permissions are set so that only those you wish to vist the URL can view/edit/etc with the workbook.

Find more about permissions and how to set them below:

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