Dashboard Day 3: Rural demand of electricity in India

by Jamie Bassett

Day 3: Rural Electricity Demand in India

An awful day for me. I spent a long time desperate trying to match the headers from the PDF with the raw data, which was not a success. It was hard as the PDF parse on Alteryx would not take into account the difference between a Question and a sub question (ie, sometimes the questionnaire was 8 different answers to choose from, but Alteryx thought it was 8 different questions).

An example..

The raw contained over 500 different questions, often in survey format (1=Disagree, 2=Neutral, 3=Agree.. etc). This meant I created calculated fields in Tableau to make sense of the data.

With not much time, I decided to focus on the sources of income, thinking agriculture would have a lower percentage of houses without electricity.

I really hope tomorrow is a better day…

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