Reflections from the Data School

by Jamie Bassett

Our 4 months at DS have come to an end, so it is time to reflect on our time here.

I wrote a blog on my expectations of the Data School, and I believe the Data School wasn’t far off my expectation.

The time did fly by, it is ridiculous to think I started 4 months ago and it is now the end of training…. It flew by due to the variety of training (different topics and different teachers) to keep things fresh. It was also so much fun being around like minded people and I always enjoyed going into work, I feel very lucky!

Unfortunately, I believe I did get imposter syndrome. Naturally I did try and focus on my own strengths but it is very easy to constantly look around the room and judge yourself against the others on everything we learn. This goes back to my previous blog, if you can learn Alteryx before you come here, whether that is through the website, downloading the software as a student if you can, or coming to some of the Alteryx Essential classes that The Information Lab runs, do it!

I will have a weeks holiday before I start my first placement, I am super excited!

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