Why you should come to the next Meet & Greet

by Jamie Bassett

Last night was the latest Meet and Greet, to which all of us at DS16 went to.

It is a chance for anyone to come to the Data School and see what the company is about. I personally went to the meet and greet in March 2018 (so long ago!) and it was at this moment that I realised that joining the Data School would be my #1 job I wanted to apply for after leaving university. So therefore I highly recommend coming to a Meet and Greet, if the journey isn’t too far!

Reason 1: The chance to see what DSers are up to
There will be talks/presentations from present DSers showcasing Tableau and Alteryx, which will give you an insight into what these pieces of software can do. It is also the chance to see how awesome the workplace is. The bar area, the rooms we learn in, and the location right by St Pauls in the City of London.

Reason 2: Tips for the application
With many at the Meet and Greet from the core team and the Data School, it is a fantastic opportunity to ask a few questions about how to improve your chance of getting in. As you may know the application is quite different to other job applications, you have to submit a viz that was published on Tableau Public. By attending the meet and greet you can talk to all the staff at the Information Lab on their best tips for the application. DS16 went to the meet and greet after only 3 days being here, so we were useful for this reason!

Reason 3: A chance to get your name recognised
By speaking to the core team and the data schoolers, it is an opportunity to ‘stand out’. By asking good questions, showing a good interest in Tableau and why you want to join, this will mean you are recognised when you apply. Therefore improving your chances!

Reason 4: Lots of pizza and alcohol
Along these reasons, the Meet and Greet will provide pizzas and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages! A fantastic way of breaking the ice while speaking to a member of The Information Lab.

So if you can, come to the next Meet and Greet on Tuesday 1st October! It is normally at 6-9pm.

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