Growing A Tree...Map

by Jonathan Sherman

Tree maps are a very useful way to instantly see and display the main parts of a measure to clients:

In order to create our tree map we will need to start by deciding what we would like the chart to display and how to break it down. In this example I will keep it nice and simple by creating a tree map to display the total sales broken down by category (“blocks”). In step 2 i will break these “blocks” down further to identify those sub-categories under each category, displaying the total sales amount by sub-category.

Step 1: We will need to break down the total sales by category. Thereby placing SUM(sales) on our “size” card and category on our “colours” card.

Step 2: We will show the category names and total value of sales. In order to do so place category on “text” card and SUM(Sales) also on the “text” card.

Step 3: We will break down the previous tree map further defining sub-categories inside each category and the SUM(sales) of each. To do this simply drag and drop sub-category onto the marks card.

And that’s how to create your first tree map! If you have any questions then just comment below!



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