2nd week in the DS

by Juhie Radia

Being in my second week at the data school I have begun to get to grips with the general timetable for those who are interested in joining and would like some more insight.

I have now had the chance to receive and training on and use both of the data software tools used by the Information Lab. My first day mainly entailed some information talks about the DS and setting up our computers. We were given talks about the history of the Information Lab, imposter syndrome and what to expect.

The rest of the first week consisted of alteryx training sessions where we learned about different tools within the software that we would be tested on in the core alteryx exam. We made different workflows and worked on a few alteryx challenges. Every Friday is a project day where you are given a project to complete based on what you have learned during that week and then present your work at 1pm. In the first week, our project was to find a complimentary data set for one of our data school applications and use what he had learned about alteryx to combine the data sets and produce a dashboard using tableau. We later presented this dashboard and our alteryx workflow in the afternoon.

Usually on Friday evening, there is a little end of the week party to look forward to, especially with the free bar!

The following week involved tableau training where we made multiple charts on tableau and gained a deeper understanding of how to use the software to help us feel more confident. We all participated in a makeover Monday and our project for Friday was to create as many different charts as we could within the time and present our favourite and most difficult one. Normally we have a 15mins break every hour or so unless we are working over zoom, in which case we have a break about every 40mins. So far I'm really enjoying my time and look forward to seeing some new people there soon!

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