Creating Dashboard Alerts in Tableau Server

by Kofi Bonsu

Tableau Server can be used to send email Alerts to predefined users if a threshold is met.

This is only possible on a view that has a continuous (green pill) numeric axis.

To do this on a dashboard, click on a continuous axis of the view that the Alert will be set on. Once highlighted, click on the Alert icon located on the top right of the view.

A window will appear that gives a couple options of customisation.

The condition drop down allows for the selection of how the alert is triggered by the Threshold value.

A red bar goes over the view indicating the Threshold value. This will move if the Threshold value is updated.

The sentence below the Threshold value is updated if the condition is being met.

Once the condition parameters have been set up, the frequency of the email alerts can be defined. There are a multiple options that can be selected based on the urgency of the alerts and whether an alert is needed every time the condition is met or not.

Select the recipients based on users and groups permissions, then click Create Alert.

An email Alert with an image of the chart gets sent that allows the recipient to click on the image to be redirected to the dashboard in question.

Managing Alerts can be done from the Alert email or from the My Content option on the Tableau Server.

There are option to be added or removed from the alert as well editing it.

To add someone else to the Alert, the email can be forwarded to them and they can select the “Add me to this Alert” option as long as they have authentication and authorisation to view the dashboard.

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