Dashboard Week, Day 1 - Star Wars

by Kofi Bonsu

I picked to attempt a visualization of the Starships in the Star Wars universe.

Once I connected to the SWapi in Alteryx, I noticed that I was only getting 10 results which was a little unusual. On further inspection, the api call was only getting the first page worth of results.

I used a Generate Rows tool to create URLs for the subsequent pages, getting the rest of the results.

Once I had grouped and used the Cross Tab tool to get the data into rows, I imported it into Tableau.

My initial idea was to do a comparison on the ships based on length, however the Death Star is 120,000 meters in length and comparing that to a TIE Fighter that is only 9 meters long made the scale needed a little ridiculous.

I decided instead to visualize the speeds of the ships and found some great icons online to create custom shapes with.

I added the rest of the information available as a fact sheet at the bottom of the dashboard.

Image from:u/maxwellthebeech

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