Dashboard Week, Day 2. London Marathon Runners

by Kofi Bonsu

I’ve only got 10 minutes to write this so its’ going to be a short one.

For Day 2 of Dashboard Week, we were tasked with visualizing historical London Marathon data, runners with the letters “bo” in their surname for me specifically.

The first thing to do was to download the contents of the webpage into Alteryx and parse out the relevant information for 2018. Once this was done, the workflow needed to be altered to bring in data from the years 2017 to 1981.

Once this was complete and imported into Tableau, I wanted to look at the range of finishing time over the years as well as the number of participants for my selection of data.

Since Tableau doesn’t like times that aren’t in a dd:MM:yy format, I used a calculated field to convert the times into seconds and then used the custom Number Format to change the format to hh:mm:ss.

To work out the range I worked out the difference between the fastest and slowest runners for a year using Level of Detail calculations and used a dual axis chart to put the different measures together on the same chart.

I coloured the tooltips the same as the slowest, fastest and median values for consistency. Overall I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out.

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