Add custom colours in Tableau and Alteryx

by Kolsuma Aktar

Hi all! In this tutorial I will be showing you how to colour pick the screen and add custom colours in tableau and Alteryx.


In the ‘Edit Colors’ pop-up, double click on the colour legend next to one of the Data Items.

Edit Colours Pop-up

This will open up the ‘Select Color pop-up’. Here you can select ‘Pick Screen Color’.

Select Color pop-up

Once you’ve clicked on your screen to pick up the colour. Press Tab on your keyboard until you have selected the first box in your ‘Custom colors’ section as seen in the image above. You can then use the directional arrows on the keyboard to select an empty box and then click Add to Custom Colors.

Added to custom colours

And that’s it! The reason you need to use the keyboard shortcuts is because if you select an empty custom colour box with your mouse after you’ve colour picked your screen, Tableau ends up grabbing the colour of the empty box so you lose the colour you wanted to pick.


There is a very similar process to do this in Alteryx except we are not using a screen colour picker.

Lets try to change the background colour of this comment box. I have chosen the colour I want to add using the colour spectrum box as seen below.

Selecting my custom colours

Then use the Tab and directional arrows on your keyboard to select an empty Custom color box. And press Add to Custom Colors. All done!

Added to custom colours

Hope you found this blog post useful and thanks for reading!