Tiny Tableau Tip - Copy & Paste dashboards

by Kolsuma Aktar

At the dataschool, we have a different client project every week and the project manager creates a dashboard template with brand colours and a standard layout for everyone to use in their own dashboards.

Often, I’ve created drafts of my dashboard before the template has been created and it’s a real pain to recreate all the worksheets and actions I used in the workbook that contains the dashboard template afterwards.

During our first client project I figured out that you can actually copy and paste dashboards from another workbook! It’s very useful for the client projects and the rest of my cohort were amazed when I told them so I figured others might want to know how to do it too! (You can also do this with worksheets)

  1. Open up both your workbook and the template dashboard workbook.
  2. Right-click on the template dashboard tab and select Copy
  3. Switch to your workbook and right-click in the empty space on the worksheet and dashboard ribbon
  4. Select Paste
  5. Optional: drag the template dashboard to reorder the tabs
  6. You can now drag in your worksheets into the dashboard template
  7. Make sure your formatting of the worksheets match the formatting in the template (e.g. ensuring titles and controls are in the right place)

Thanks for reading!


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