DS24 Training Blog - Week 17

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

The week is most well documented of all

1: DS24 - Dashboard Week Day 1

2: DS24 - Dashboard Week Day 2

3: DS24 - Dashboard Week Day 3

4: DS24 - Dashboard Week Day 4

5: DS24 - Dashboard Week Day 5

Therefore the final weekly blog will be emphasised on something different.

The (in)famous Dashboard Week was less of an unclimbable mountain as it initially seems to be. We were given a lot more practice on Alteryx than the Dashboard Week's name suggests. This is due to the previous feedback session, where we noted we had minimum practice of Aleryx during the various client projects.

As I am quite comfortable with Alteryx, so the extra practices are very welcome. It also relieved the pressure of design a perfect dashboard (I missed only one lunch time chance to play table tennis), so it is reasonably chilled week.

Friday is a bit of disappointment, failed to end the week and the whole training with a high note. Though in a hindsight, if we have the extra two hours after lunch (1:30-3:30pm) before presenting, we probably could finish with a dashboard as required.

As the first placement is approaching, there are some moments about arrange the transition next week. What meeting to attend, what things I should know and any on-boarding material/sessions (there is already a trip planned to visit the head office of my placement outside London!)

Given the work will be remote, I don't expect the working schedule to change dramatically as I would continue to visit London office. But the enjoyment of return back to the office as a 'adult/graduate' does give a bit of smile on the face for a new Monday.

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