Louise's 6 Week Reflections

by Louise Le


Has it been 6 weeks already?!

As cliché as it is, time really has flown by. The Data School’s 11th cohort have just completed our 6th week of training and will be beginning our 7th week at the time of this post’s publishing. Crazy right?

With only a couple weeks left until the halfway point of our 4 months of training, I thought I’d reflect on how things have gone so far, major lessons I’ve learned, and what I want to do to make the most of my remaining training time.


What I have done so far, in numbers.

  • 6 weeks of Tableau and Alteryx training
  • 6 presentations
  • 2 client projects
  • 1 client project as project manager
  • 9 blog posts published on the Data School blog (or 10 including this one!)
  • 1 domain purchased for my personal website (here!)
  • 6 Tableau Public vizzes (check me out)
  • 8 Tableau Public followers
  • 40 tweets
  • 156 new twitter followers (follow me here!)
  • 16,000 tweet impressions


What lessons have I learned?

  • Networking is important!
    • AND it’s fun. Getting into the Tableau community through Twitter has been more fun than I expected. Usually, I’m not one for social media but I’ve found using Twitter rather addictive! Side note: I love how easy it is to look at Twitter analytics (viz soon?)


  • Leadership is hard
    • BUT rewarding. I was project manger for DS11’s client project this week. Being my first ever experience as PM, it was really tough for me. I learned that structure and organisation are important aspects or project management. I hope I’ll have another opportunity to lead a project soon as I still have lots to learn!


  • Practice makes things easier
    • This applies to blogging, tweeting, vizzing, and pretty much everything in between. The more you do it, the more comfortable you feel and the better you get!


What do I want to do from now?

Using the Data School’s “Start, Stop, Continue” model…

  • START. Going to the gym again. Keeping my physical health in check is important and I have been neglecting it.


  • STOP. Being hesitant. I should have more of a just do it attitude instead of spending time contemplating.


  • CONTINUE. Being part of the community. This means continue to attend TIL events, participating in MakeoverMonday and engaging more with others.



Thanks for reading my brain dump!






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Thu 31 Jan 2019