The Best of DS11

by Louise Le

This week is DS11’s last week of training. Next week, we’ll all be split up and sent to our placements for the next 6 months (eek!). We probably won’t all be back together for a while so I’ve been feeling quite reflective. Throughout the past 4 months, we have done some amazing work and in this post, I would like to highlight the vizzes and blogs that are personally my favourites. DS11 has produced so much useful and incredible content over the past few months and this post can’t possibly cover it all so be sure to check out our Twitters and Tableau Public profiles.

Meet us!

Favourite Viz : One

How could I have a favourite viz section and not include this beautiful viz by Ellie. This viz was done for Dashboard Week Day 1 and deservedly got Viz of the Day! Check it out here. Isn’t the snow incredible?!

Ellie’s VOTD!

Favourite Viz : Two

Another favourite is this one by Tom. This was a real labour of love for Tom and the result is awesome. I love vizzes that are both aesthetically beautiful/interesting and you learn a thing or two. You’ll definitely learn loads through this viz (unless you happen to be a lecturer in US Civil War history). Check it out here.

Tom’s viz on the Civil War

Favourite Viz : Three

This one was done by Jonathan for Dashboard Week Day 5. I like this one because it’s a bit of fun and it brings back nostalgic feelings for me. Check it out here.

Jonathan’s Boy Bands viz

Favourite Viz : My Own

My favourite viz of my own is this Game of Thrones one that I did as part of our webscraping week. A Song of Ice and Fire is one of my favourite series so it was great to find an opportunity to visualise it! Check it out here.

My favourite viz of my own

Favourite Blog Post : One

My favourite blog post has to be this one by Tom. I read it past midnight and it woke me straight up. Sooo many amazing tips in this post. It’s a must read! Check it out here.

Favourite Blog Post : Two

This one honestly would have made my favourite Tableau Public viz list if only pages were supported on Tableau Public. Alas it doesn’t. Instead, watch the video in this blog post by Andrew. It’s so freaky and cool.

Favourite Blog Post : Three

I missed Day One of Dashboard Week. To prepare myself mentally for what the remainder of the week would entail, I read DS11’s blog posts. This post by Manuela contained literally everything I needed to know and then some. I love how informative Manuela’s posts are. Check it out here.

Favourite Blog Post: Four

Tableau’s order of operations is something I’m still trying to get my head around and Harry’s blog post on this will definitely be something I refer to constantly. Check it out here.

Favourite Blog Post : My Own

My favourite blog post of my own is arguably the most useful post I’ve written. I also love the thumbnail (lol). Check it out here.

Thank you, DS11!

These past 4 months have been great and I’m really happy that I was in a cohort with you guys. Good luck to all of you on your placements and I can’t wait to see all the great content that you produce in future! Love you guys!!

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