Kobe Bryant v Michael Jordan: Dashboard Week Day 1

by Marcus Grant

So the dreaded Dashboard week is finally upon us!


Having read the many blogs before starting Data School, one thing that stood out the most to me is how much everyone disliked Dashboard week.


Well, after 1 day of it, here’s my input… THIS WAS FUN!


I may speak too soon as it’s only day 1 but I thoroughly enjoyed today’s challenge – Downloading NBA Data to compare Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan.  More info can be found here on Andy’s blog: /andy-kriebel/ds6-dbw-d1/


For this challenge I was tasked with scraping each player’s stats from Wikipedia, cleaning it in Alteryx, creating a vis from the data and also writing a blog at he end of the day.opted to compare Kobe’s and Jordan’s career highlights which lead me to create the below visualisation from scratch:

There was quite a lot of data and sadly Kobe and Jordan played in different seasons and there is quite an age gap between the two men.  With this in mind, I opted to compare Kobe’s and Jordan’s career highlights which lead me to create the below visualisation:


I opted to go for the minimal amount of charts and more BANs (Big Ass Numbers) to highlight the key stats for each player so that the data requires minimal click-through.  The only reason to click on this dashboard is to switch the ‘Game Type’ between Regular Season and Playoff.  Everything else can be viewed by hovering over the data points.


Feel free to have a play here: https://public.tableau.com/profile/marcus.grant#!/vizhome/DashboardWeekDay1KobevJordanCareerHighlights/Dashboard1


Any feedback on this visualisation would be greatly appreciated.


MG 🙂

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